Major Shareholders

Major Shareholders

XT Hi-Tech Innovations Ltd.

XT Hi-Tech Innovations Ltd. is a leading investor in technology-based Israeli-related companies, from pre-seed through early-stage to publicly-traded, working in communications, software, medical devices, bio-technology and microelectronics.
Benefiting and building on the vast experience of its parent company XT Group, XT Hi-Tech Innovations Ltd's imaginative and entrepreneurial technological and business team is an ideal investor partner for an ambitious company.


Galam group
Galam, Israel’s market leader in the manufacture of Fructose, Glucose and Starch has grown and flourished along with the country’s growing need for its products, in both the food and industrial sectors. Established in 1940, the company is owned by Kibbutz Maanit, an agricultural cooperative in the center of the country
MMT The Millennium Materials Technologies

The Millennium Materials Technologies (MMT) funds were created to invest in the development and commercialization of novel advanced materials used in high growth industries like micro-electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agro/chemicals, polymers and communication materials.

Arancia Industrial, S.A. de C.V. (Arancia) is a successful, 100% Mexican, privately-owned company with vast experience in international joint ventures.

Today, Arancia has interests in serveral fields. It operates biotechnology in the industrial-enzyme markets; in linen rental services, by providing outfitting and rental services of specialized textiles to the health sector, and in logistics.

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